The Luthier (2009)


SPINNING-THE-TIMESLucy Caldwell’s tale of a young apprentice luthier on the West Bank in Palestine premiered as part of Spinning the Times, a series of pieces by five Irish playwrights produced by Origin Theatre Company as part of the New York 1st Irish Festival at 59E59 Theaters in September 2009

Praise for “The Luthier”

The best of [the plays] is “The Luthier” by Lucy Caldwell, about a Palestinian youth who is learning to repair violins. Ethan Hova gives a beautiful performance
New York Times

Fugue and The Luthier tread ground that has been covered before, but both are nonetheless rich in their humanity. … Ethan Hova stars in The Luthier, as a Palestinian man trying to carve out a peaceful life in a world that refuses to yield to his nature. A luthier is an artisan who repairs violins; Dawood dreams of practicing his craft in the U.S. as he remembers pivotal, tragic moments from his past here in Gaza. Both David and Dawood are refugees because of ancient hatreds afflicting their homelands; from their circumstances can we learn compassion for problems that, here in America, always seem so far away?

The Luthier, by Lucy Caldwell, takes us to Palestine where Dawood (Ethan Hova) fixes violins. “Except for fire, there is no damage which cannot be repaired,” he says. While he may be able one day to save violins, Dawood cannot restore the damage the persistent bombings have wreaked on his friends and family. It is a portrait of senseless violence and innocence destroyed, and Hova’s understated performance is heartfelt and sweet, even in the face of horrific destruction.