Beta Life on BBC and Belfast Noir on RTE


mariella frostrupBeta Life: Stories from an A-Life Future (published by Comma Press) was one of Mariella Frostrup’s topics on Open Book on BBC Radio 4 on December 12, while “Belfast Noir”, a collection of dark, bleak, brooding stories celebrating Lucy’s home city, to which she contributed the story “Poison” was discussed by Seán Rocks on RTE’s flagship arts programme Arena.

The stories in Beta Life focus on how humans will change in the way they interact with technology, the roles they adopt in an increasingly ‘intelligent’ environment, and how we interface with each other.. The anthology brings together scientists and authors, working in pairs, to imagine what life (and A-Life) will look like in the year 2070.

Open Book is available on BBC iPlayer, you can listen to the episode here. or download the programme as a podcast here. The section on Beta Life begins at 11:50.

RTE’s Arena is available online. You can listen to it here.