A new radio play for BBC Radio 4.

In Lucy Caldwell’s Martians, Tia Bannon plays a young midwife who is preparing to leave her family and the world she knows to begin life on another planet.

One of the twelve chosen few to be picked to take their skills to Mars to begin new life, just as her grandmother did when she moved from Jamaica to London and her father’s ancestors leaving a famine-riddled Ireland for America, Laura has to choose what to take and what to leave behind. She also has to say goodbye to her family for good, she doesn’t want any fuss, just another day, she is going to make a difference, a star in the sky….

Martians is currently available on BBC iPlayer

Cast and Creatives:

Laura ….. Tia Bannon
Michael ….. Toheeb Jimoh
Margo ….. Angel Coulby
Lorraine ….. Michelle Greenidge
Eoin ….. Lloyd Hutchinson
Joan ….. Joy Richardson
Angharad & Young Woman 1 ….. Tallulah Bond
Ijaaz, Male Voice ….. Ronny Jhutti
Older Woman, Radio Presenter & Automated Voice ….. Beth Goddard
Written by ….. Lucy Caldwell
Produced & Directed by ….. Celia De Wolff

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